[Solved] How to Download Netflix on Mac for Offline Viewing?

Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms have experienced significant growth in recent years, largely due to their exclusive content and compatibility with smart televisions. As more people are ditching cable services in favor of streaming platforms, Netflix remains a global leader with its extensive library of movies and shows that cater to diverse audiences.

This article was written for Netflix users who want to download the Netflix program and Netflix videos on MacBook. We'll explore the answers to "Can you download Netflix on Mac?" and "How to download Netflix movies on Mac?". Read on to enjoy all Netflix services on your Mac.

And since you're here, you may also want to follow other topics about Netflix, such as the way to fix Netflix not working, and the best Netflix video downloaders ranking. To discover more, visit the official Y2Mate blog.

Can You Download Netflix on Mac?

download netflix videos on mac

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that provides cross-platform support and premium user experiences. It means that only subscribers can watch Netflix content. In different countries and regions, Netflix provides different subscription plans or bundles.

But one thing remains the same: if you want to download Netflix videos and watch on the go, you need to pay more. Take US subscription plans for example. Users have to choose the Premium one to get the downloads service.

Note: Unfortunately, Netflix doesn't offer free trials to new subscribers in any country starting in June 2024. To watch Netflix shows, you have to prepare a subscribed account, a compatible device, and a stable internet connection.

Netflix is compatible with various devices: phones, tablets, laptops, and even TVs, which means that you can watch downloaded Netflix videos on many kinds of devices. Can you download Netflix episodes on Mac? Unfortunately no. There is no built-in Netflix feature to download movies on a Mac. You need the official Netflix program to use the download service, but there is no such program on MacBook.

What's more, in June 2024, Netflix announced that it would cancel the download function of the Windows app in the next update. It means that Netflix users can't directly download their favorite video shows on computers anymore. But don't worry! We have a method to download Netflix episodes on computers without the need of the official program.

Tool Required: Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

In addition to the device limit, Netflix restricts content sharing across devices, requiring users to download titles on each device individually. They also impose a cap on the number of downloads, expiration time of saved titles, etc. It may cause further inconvenience for some users.

Although you can't directly download Netflix app on Mac, it's not impossible to download Netflix videos on MacBook. Despite these challenges, Y2Mate can help you break all of these annoying limits. Stay tuned as we introduce what is Y2Mate and how to use it to download Netflix movies on Mac.

What Can Y2Mate Do?

y2mate netflix downloader

Downloading Netflix shows on your Mac has never been easier with Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, a top-tier Netflix to Mac downloader. Without the need to open another browser, you can directly download Netflix videos in 1080p using Y2Mate.

To ensure the best video quality, Y2Mate supports downloading 1080p shows with the codec tech of H.264, H.265, and HDR10. Want to hear clearer dialogues? Use Y2Mate to save Atmos, EAC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 audio. With the help of the powerful tech, it's easy to download high-quality Netflix videos while taking up less storage.

Y2Mate totally removes the DRM restriction of Netflix videos and allows you to watch them on any device offline at any time. It also offers some additional services to improve the download experience: ad-free UI, batch download, auto-download, multi-language support, metadata and subtitles saving, etc.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
Download your favorite Netflix movies and episodes on Mac & Windows PC for unlimited offline viewing.
  • Download and convert Netflix shows into MP4/MKV format
  • Easily download Netflix episodes in high quality up to 1080p
  • Save Netflix videos with Atomos, EAC3 5.1, and AAC 2.0 audio
  • Access content from Netflix sites in multiple regions and countries
  • Bypass download limits and solve download issues quickly
  • Automatically remove ads from downloaded shows
  • Save subtitles as external SRT files
  • Save time and energy by downloading multiple videos at once
  • Automatically download new episodes
  • Enjoy the free trial to download 3 Netflix films in 1080P
Learn More

This Netflix downloader excels because of its impressive and reliable features. Different from other Netflix video downloaders, Y2Mate can even help you save more money by replacing the ad-free plan with the standard plan with ads. Use Y2Mate to remove ads, so that you can pay less while enjoying the same ad-free services, saving up to $108 per year. Get your Y2Mate Netflix Downloader today and optimize your streaming experience!

How to Download from Netflix on Mac with Y2Mate?

Now let's have a look at how simple it could be to use Y2Mate to download Netflix episodes on Mac. Here's your step-by-step tutorial. If you want to get more detailed introduction of each step, read Tutorial for Y2Mate Netflix Downloader:

Step 1 - Get the installation package of Y2Mate Netflix Downloader by clicking the buttons below, and install it on your computer.

Step 2 - Navigating to Netflix Through Y2Mate
Open Y2Mate and explore the VIP services. Here, you'll find the Netflix icon. Click it to quickly navigate to the Netflix official site using the built-in browser.


Step 3 - Securing Your Netflix Login
Log in to your Netflix account with the inbuilt browser. Y2Mate prioritizes your security by not collecting your account information.

Netflix login

Step 4 - Select and Analyze Your Preferred Netflix Video
Once you're logged in, it's time to choose your favorite Netflix video for download. Y2Mate will assist by analyzing the URL information of the video, and provide a download window after the analysis.


Step 5 - Customize Output and Download Video
Lastly, customize the output format as per your preference and hit the "Download Now" button. There you go! You've mastered downloading Netflix videos on Mac with Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.


Don't know where to find the downloaded Netflix videos on your MacBook? Click "Downloaded" in the left column and click the little file icon beside each video. And then you can open the local folder where the video is saved in.


Downloading Netflix movies on a Mac doesn't have to be difficult. We have introduced a simple solution for you. If you want to download Netflix movies on Mac quickly and efficiently, you should use Y2Mate Netflix Downloader. This software allows you to save your downloaded Netflix content on your MacBook without sacrificing quality. It also supports batch downloads and many other services, making it easy to get what you want.


Q1. Is Y2Mate Netflix Downloader Free to Use?

A1. Yes, Y2mate provides a free trial for every new subscriber. You can use all functions to download 3 full Netflix films for free in 30 days. Please test Y2Mate's functionalities in advance and see if this tool can meet your requirements. If you want to continue to use Y2Mate after the trial, subscribe to the following plans:

  • Monthly Plan: $35.9/mo.
  • Annual Plan: $64.9/yr.
  • Lifetime Plan: $129.9

Q2. What will happen if I end my Netflix subscription?

A2. After your Netflix subscription expires, the downloaded videos are still saved on your computer as the DRM has been removed. You can enjoy them forever. But you can't use Y2Mate to download Netflix videos anymore, as you can't get access to any Netflix video after the subscription expires.

Q3. Is it legal to use Y2Mate?

A3. Yes. Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is designed to help users easily download their favorite content from streaming websites. Downloading videos for personal use is generally accepted, as long as it doesn’t involve any copyright infringement or commercial use. It is important to follow the necessary legal usage rules when using Y2Mate.


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