How to Download YouTube to MP4 in HD, 1080P and 4K High Quality Resolution

If you are looking for a perfect tool that can be helpful to download YouTube to MP4 HD quality, Y2Mate is perhaps one of the exciting tools that can let you achieve an excellent service quality in downloading your videos. 

[Step by Step Guide] How to Download Videos from YouTube to MP4 in 1080p?

Downloading YouTube videos in HD will ensure that you will be able to watch them in any of your preferred devices without being affected by the issues like pixilation. You can pick a powerful Y2mate DRM Downloader in high quality for downloading your videos in high quality and HD resolution. 

Specific steps on how to download YouTube to MP4 in 1080p

Step 1: Launch Y2mate Downloader

Click the Desktop icon to launch Y2mate Downloader.

Step 2: Authorize the Software

  1. Then go to “Setting” on the right top corner to find “Authorize”.


  1. Enter your Account details and password to authorize the software, the software will return a “Device Authorized” notice.


  1. Make sure that you choose the right Network as “Don’t use proxy”.

Step 3: Go to YouTube Tab

Go to YouTube Tab and find YouTube service to go to the official website to browse the videos you’d like to download.


Step 4: Browse the Video You’d like to download


Step 5: Play the Video You’d like to Download

Click the Download button to choose the video quality and file settings.


Step 6: Play the Video You’d like to Download

Choose Video Tab and 1080p resolution, then Click the Download button.


Step 7: Check the Downloading Process

View the downloading process in the left tab “Downloading”.


Step 8: Find it in Local Folder to Play the Video

Click this folder button to view the local files.

Then you can play the video with local players or other third-party players.

Step 9: Play the video with Windows Media Player

Then you can play the video with Windows Media Player.

About the Video Quality Supported by Y2mate

Well, Y2Mate DRM Downloader is a perfect solution for high-quality YouTube to mp4 converter free online with ease and simplicity. The ease of usage offered by the tool should ideally make it a Go-To tool for all your needs in downloading high-resolution YouTube videos in HD, Full HD, and of course, 4K. 

Video downloader is one good feature of Y2mate, also, if you'd like to download audio from YouTube channels, check out this dedicated tutorial Download YouTube in 320kbps.

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