How To Delete Netflix Profile On Your Devices?

Netflix is a great streaming space and comprises some major shows that are not only hit in the streaming world but throughout contingencies including mainstream cable service providers. Shows such as Crown, House of Cards, Ozark, Dark, Stranger Things, and Money Heist have garnered accolades in platforms through nominations and wins in various award shows like Emmy, Critics choice, etc.

Netflix has plans allowing up to 4 users to use a single account. Have you wondered about how to delete Netflix profile? Have you thought that the kind of shows you will be recommended if all of the guys/girls only use one account? It will be extremely messy. Hence, Netflix allows the creation of profiles with various levels of rights as per maturity.

In a family of 4, there can be one chief account, and the kids can have access to the kid's account, the mother and father can have each account of their own. In case your kids grow up and have their own Netflix subscription. You would want to delete their existing profile from your account right? This is where profile deletion becomes a burning cause. In this article, I will help you with the steps that you need to do to delete a profile in your Netflix account.

Can You Delete Netflix’s Primary Profile?

You cannot delete your primary profile. When you sign up for Netflix there is a profile that automatically gets created. This profile is the chief profile. This user using the profile allows other users to have rights and maturity as per their own assessment. This works in case you have no Kids and yet Netflix has its own kids section that has predetermined settings for Kids in terms of their homepage and the kind of stuff they could see.

Is Downloading Possible on Netflix?

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How To Delete Netflix Profile on Different Devices?

How To Delete Netflix Profile Through Your Web Browser?

Any profile other than the one created automatically can be easily deleted. You need to follow these steps:

  • First of all, head to the Netflix homepage and login into your account.
  • Or else you will land directly on the profile page.
  • You will have an option called ‘manage profiles’ at the top of the screen, click it.
  • After that, You need to click on the profile that you would want to delete.
  • The next profile opens in a new window and there is a ‘delete’ option below. You just need to click that option.
  • And profile deletion is accomplished.

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How To Delete Netflix Profile On Android?

The android and iOS devices have the Netflix app for use. Netflix app has a slightly different interface and controls comparatively to mobile than to a PC. Follow these steps to delete someone’s profile from the account.

  • You have to open the app.
  • In the top right, you will see a profile icon, tap there.
  • Now there will be an option called manage profiles in the next window with a pencil icon, tap that.
  • Select a profile, and tap on ‘delete’ and ‘yes’ to confirm the deletion.

How To Delete Netflix Profile On iOS?

  • As soon as you open your Netflix account there shall be a “Who’s watching” screen? Look at the top there is an ‘edit’ option, tap that.
  • Now you will be taken to a page filled with photos of respective profiles but also had a pencil layering on top of it.
  • You can simply tap on the profiles you want to delete.
  • After that confirm deleting the profile and all the information linked with the profile and then it's done.

How To Delete Netflix Profile On A Smart TV?

Netflix profiles can also be deleted without any such hindrance on smart TV. I will show the Roku method. Just remember that a pencil sign which indicates the ‘manage profiles’ option has to be accessed to complete deletion. Here’s the list of steps:

  • Open your Netflix app.
  • Go to the profile icon at the top of your screen.
  • You might then have a profile listing page open. You need to select ‘switch profiles’.
  • Then you will see a pencil icon alongside the profile lists except your own.
  • Now select it and then select the profile you want to delete.
  • Now select ‘delete’ and your work is done.

Is Profile Deletion Necessary?

Profile deletion is great if you want to do it if one of your friends is out, But in case, you are doing it to restrict access you do not have to delete anyone’s account. Netflix has a list of accesses marked for an individual profile. The primary profile which you use is the main profile that cannot be deleted. And in the Kid's profile, kids cannot make and altercate edits in parental controls. However, one has to know the rest of 4 other profiles whosoever uses them can dictate terms and conditions for themes of the following topics to all other profiles within the same account:

  • Maturity level
  • Viewing restrictions
  • Profile lock
  • Viewing activity log
  • Game handle
  • Game saves
  • Subtitle appearance
  • Playback settings
  • Personalized TV show and movie suggestions
  • My List
  • Ratings
  • Email

Why I Cannot Delete Any Profile?

In case you are not able to delete your profile then the chances are you are trying to delete a primary profile. The primary profile is the first profile that gets created after taking a subscription. Netflix allows 5 extra profiles so that everyone can access their favorite shows not messing up the algorithm of show recommendations and watch history. Two conditions lie in regard to its causes:

  • Either you are trying to delete your own profile,
  • Or you are deleting someone’s profile who was the person creating the account.

There is no workaround for primary account deletion. In case the primary person leaves the account, you can mail the support team at Netflix to close the account altogether. Netflix closes all accounts if there is no surfer on that account or the account lay inactive for more than 30 days.


1. Why I Cannot Delete A Profile On Netflix?

This can only happen in a situation where you are trying to delete the primary profile made in the account. You cannot alter the first profile created with the account.

2. How Can I Remove Other Devices From Netflix?

You need to access the profile menu or more first. Now move on to, ‘under settings’. Now go to ‘manage devices’ and then remove the device included that you want to remove.

3. What If Someone Else Is Using My Netflix Account?

If such a suspicion occurs to you, Go to the My Account page and then tap on ‘sign out of all devices’. Wait for a day and then change your password.


Netflix is an amazing streamer. With its profile idea, there is a lot to discover on Netflix. Hence, profile deletion is being covered. In this topic, I have mentioned all the different devices and how to delete Netflix profile. Do read it and enjoy.

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