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How to Download France.tv Videos

France.tv is the acronym for both the public television network and the national broadcaster of France. The merging of the public television networks France 2 (formerly known as Antenne 2) and France 3 (previously known as France Régions 3) resulted in the creation of this publicly traded corporation. Later, it was joined by France 4 (formerly Festival) and France 5 (previously La Cinquième), both of which are legally independent channels. Festival used to be the name of France 4.

The main sources of funding for television are fees for broadcast licenses and advertising revenue from businesses. In accordance with the terms of the recently passed law regarding public broadcasting, it will eventually be unlawful to advertise private enterprises' products and services on public television (at first in the evening, then gradually throughout the day).

The HbbTV initiative has the support of France.tv. The interactive news, sports, and weather service on France.tv will be built on HbbTV, and the business plans to add catch-up TV and the ability to share information on social media in the future.

How to Download France.tv Videos

To view particular television shows and networks that are broadcast in France, you must subscribe to the Salto French streaming service. On the other hand, some of these channels and programs are available to you for free. In any case, you must first register for a France TV account in order to view programs on the network. This is necessary.

What channels are accessible with France.tv?

The Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) initiative, which supports and produces an open European standard for hybrid set-top boxes, is the focus of France.tv. With a single user interface, these hybrid set-top boxes can receive both broadcast TV and broadband multimedia apps. The HbbTV initiative has the support of France.tv.

The interactive news, sports, and weather service on France.tv will be built on HbbTV, and the business plans to add catch-up TV and the ability to share information on social media in the future.

How to Download France.tv Videos

Films, television shows, documentaries, and other types of programming, some of which are in French and some of which are in other languages, are available to viewers on France TV. France TV also telecasts live athletic events, notably the annual French Open tennis tournament at Roland Garros.

Real customer reviews for the France.tv APP

A group of Parisians who believe they are serving the country by providing a valuable service. This is of poor quality, has too many advertisements, and operates poorly. I want FranceTV to be broadcast on the television in my room after being streamed to my box with the appropriate information.

I can download the programs, but I can't get them to run on my mobile device. Your smartphone application is utterly useless, wasting your time. I have Android 6 and everything was functioning perfectly until the most recent update, which is unfortunate because everything was working fine before.

In addition to offering a variety of replay modes, this program ought to contain language selection options; these options were missing from the previous edition.

It means that you can view events as they are happening right now. Not at all. There always appears to be some error being committed.

It will be quite difficult for you to transition to this app if you are used to using another one that performs well because it does not perform as well as the other app.

Download Limits of the France.tv APP

France Télévisions is the national broadcaster of French public television. It is a public company resulting from the integration of the public television channels France 2 and France 3, then joined by the legally independent channels France 4, and France 5.
But there are several types of limits for downloading videos from france tv . For example, some videos or shows are not downloadable. If you want to download videos from france tv, you can only use the france.tv mobile and tablet applications on Android 4.4 and above and iOS 10 and above. You cannot download videos to your pc.

Download Expiration

How to Download France.tv Videos

France TV has limits on movies that have already been downloaded to your devices. When you finish downloading france tv videos, you must finish watching them on your mobile devices within a certain time because downloads may time out.

If the remaining rights to the video are 30 days or more, then you can watch it within a maximum of 30 days. After these 30 days, the download will no longer be valid and you will have to download the video again. If the remaining rights to the video are less than 30 days, then the video will be removed when its rights on france.tv expire.

Device Limit

You can see and review the programs broadcast on the france.tv channels, such as Plus belle la vie. You can also follow live broadcasts from france 2, france 3, france 4, france 5, france Ô and franceinfo on France TV. But what if you want to save the replays or programs to watch them offline?
France TV only allows you to download from its application mobile devices such as Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. This means that you can only use a third-party downloader, such as MyConverters, if you want to download France TV video on your PC or Macbook.

Videos Not Available Anymore

Your videos on france tv may not be available for many reasons. For example, some programs are not available for replay for contractual reasons since France Télévisions does not hold the broadcasting or marketing rights for the programs it broadcasts.
There are also sometimes crashes when uploading replays. Thus, it is better to download favorite France TV videos in case they are no longer available. Moreover, you can also have a better experience watching a downloaded video.

How to Download France.tv Videos

Since there are so many download limits on watching and downloading France.tv videos from its official app, a third-party video downloader is a better choice to enjoy videos. Y2Mate France.tv Downloader is your best choice.

Features of Y2Mate

  • Streaming Videos from France.tv in High Definition in Bulk
  • Update in line with France.tv's official website's updates.
  • MP4 downloads at lightning speeds
  • features an integrated browser and supports all devices
  • Licensed audio tracks
  • Obtain free France.tv video downloads.
  • Download videos from France.tv with metadata

Simple steps of using Y2Mate France.tv downloader

Step 1: Press the home button to launch Y2Mate France.tv downloader installation process.

How to Download France.tv Videos

Step 2: Copy and paste the URL of the video into the page's top-right built-in browser.

How to Download France.tv Videos

Step 3: Choose M3U8 and then press the download button.


This article will define France.tv, describe the channels that are available on it, describe how to download France.tv videos in detail, and provide actual user reviews of the France.tv app.

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