[2024 Solved] How to Screen Record Apple Music with Audio?

Apple Music boasts a rich library of music of various types all over the world. As a paid music platform, iOS users must pay for a subscription to enjoy songs from Apple Music. You may prefer to record your favorite content before the free trial or monthly subscription expires, but only to find the recording is hindered by DRM protection.

How to screen record Apple Music with audio? No worries. This post will cover the major important points you need to know about the Apple Music screen record and then introduce 2 methods to help you screen record a song from Apple Music easily with a step-by-step guide.

And since you're here, you may also be interested in the way to remove DRM from Apple Music and how to download Apple Music to MP3.

Why Can't I Screen Record Apple Music Directly?

screen record apple music

Apple offers a very convenient function to directly screen record all activities on your screen with just one tap/click. But when you record a song from Apple Music in this way, you will find the sound was completely silenced, or the music automatically pauses when recording.

To protect the intellectual property of creators and artists, Apple Music does not allow screen recording with audio using the built-in tool. This is due to the copyright protection policy that prevents audio from being captured while screen recording.

Like other streaming music services, Apple Music employs DRM encoding on its music files, which can block audio capturing during screen recording, resulting in a silent video. To work around this limitation, it is recommended to use dedicated audio downloaders or recorders instead.

2 Effective Methods to Screen Record Apple Music

Can you screen record Apple Music? As mentioned above, it's possible if you use a professional tool. To solve the problem quickly, we will introduce 2 effective and popular tools in this part: SoundMate and ViWizard, accompanied by detailed steps to record Apple Music with audio.

Let's have a look into the basic information and features of each tool in advance:

  SoundMate ViWizard


$64.9/yr. ($16.2 for 3 months)



$29.95 for 3 months


Output Quality 320kbps 192kbps
Batch Download
Lyrics Saving
ID3 Tags Saving

Method 1: SoundMate Apple Music Converter

how to screen record apple music

As a professional music converter and downloader, SoundMate now supports downloading high-quality songs from 10 music streaming services, including Apple Music. With SoundMate Apple Music Converter, you can totally remove the restrictions posed by recording. Instead, you can directly download your favorite songs from iTunes in the best quality up to 320kbps, enjoying the melody nearly without loss.

To offer a better download experience and allow users to edit the downloaded music easily, SoundMate supports 4 output formats: MP3, FLAC, M4A, WAV, and OPUS. The batch download and auto-download features can save you time and energy to a great extent when new songs are added to your list.

It's pretty easy to build your offline music library with SoundMate, as you can get the lyrics, ID3 Tags, and metadata effortlessly. How to screen record on Apple Music is no longer a question when you use SoundMate to download songs.

SoundMate Apple Music Converter
A versatile solution that seamlessly retains your favorite music collection, while maximizing your experience with Apple Music. With SoundMate, you can forget the necessity of screen recording music, and download your loved songs for offline listening directly.
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Steps to Download Songs from Apple Music with SoundMate

Step 1 - Set the Output Format

Open SoundMate and navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the 3 lines in the upper right corner. Once in Settings, go to Vip Services > Apple Music Settings > Format to select your preferred output format for downloads. Save your settings by clicking OK.

apple music to mp3

Step 2 - Find Apple Music in Home

From the Home screen, locate and click on the Apple Music icon to access the official Apple Music site using the safe integrated browser.

apple music to mp3

Step 3 - Login to Play the Music, and Download!

Log in to your Apple Music account and start playing a song, album, or playlist. Click the download button located at the bottom right corner of the screen. In the pop-up window, customize your download options and click Download Now to start the download.

apple music to mp3

Step 4 - Located the Downloaded Music Files

You can monitor the real-time download progress in Downloading. Once the download is complete, the downloaded songs will appear here. Simply click on the file icon to automatically open the local folder where the downloaded songs are stored.

apple music to mp3

If you want to screen record songs from other platforms, such as Amazon Music, consider exploring other SoundMate products. For music enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive solution, SoundMate offers SoundMate One, an all-in-one converter that can download songs from over 10 music services and convert them into various formats.

Method 2: ViWizard Audio Converter

viwizard audio converter

Different from SoundMate, ViWizard is not a professional downloader, but a dedicated converter indeed. It means that you need to download your favorite music from Apple Music first. But similar to SoundMate Apple Music Converter, ViWizard also boasts various features.

First and foremost, ViWizard supports a wide range of formats, including MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, and M4B. Although you can't save lyrics files for a more immersive listening experience, the ID3 Tags and metadata can be downloaded for a convenient organization.

What's more, ViWizard offers a batch conversion function. So that you can download newly added songs and convert them into playable and compatible formats in a batch with ViWizard.

Steps to Convert Songs from Apple Music with ViWizard

Step 1 - Download Apple Music Files

Launch ViWizard and follow the instructions to login to your Apple Music account. Download your favorite music from iTunes.

Step 2 - Add Music Files into ViWizard

Drag the music files from Apple Music to the home of ViWizard.

Step 3 - Customize the Output Format

Click the Format icon on the bottom left-hand corner. Set the download options as you prefer in the following on-screen window, and click OK.

viwizard audio converter

Step 4 - Convert Apple Music to MP3 for Offline Listening

Click Convert button to begin to convert songs from Apple Music to a compatible format.


While it may seem challenging to screen record Apple Music with audio due to digital rights management restrictions, there are effective methods available to bypass these limitations. By utilizing tools such as SoundMate Apple Music Converter and ViWizard Audio Converter, you can successfully save your favorite tracks from Apple Music for offline listening.

Based on the comparison, the investment in the yearly plan or Lifetime plan of SoundMate is very cost-efficient, as it can download songs from Apple Music in higher quality and is accompanied by more convenient services. To sum up, hope this post can solve your problem of "can't screen record Apple Music" and know more about the 2 popular tools

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