Stream and Download Videos with Hulu App For Windows 10

A live streaming OTT Hulu is renowned among USA viewers. Shows like a real-life story, interviews, web series with serious issues are pretty popular on the Hulu app. Watchers prefer to watch live streaming sessions and more than recorded versions and next-day telecasts. At present, the total figure of subscribers is 39 million. Hulu authority is taking adequate measures, and shortly they will cross the 50 million subscribers milestone.

The upcoming popularity of Hulu drives them to introduce some changes and introduce new features to attract more watchers. Apart from other elements, Hulu introduces running the app on Windows 10 with the latest Windows update. An earlier version was available on smart tv, android tv , game console, playstation 3 & 4 version, Xbox, etc. Now viewers can enjoy every show on windows 10.

OTT Hulu

The massive content library includes mega shows, live streaming sports, movies, live concerts, which is the main attraction of the Hulu app. Though the viewing limitations get confined within the USA, people go crazy to watch the shows, write their reviews on various online platforms and share their feedback. All these help Hulu authority improve their service line and execute the standard content with increased numbers of subscribers.

Hulu App for PC

The feature to install Hulu on windows and enjoy your favorite show gives a massive jump to the increment of subscribers. Working professionals now want their work and watch their special show in the break time. In the windows 10 version, even the Download for watch later option is too simple and chicky to follow.

 The latest configuration of windows 10 is eligible to install and watch the shows. The interface of the Windows 10 version looks more minimal and apt in terms of content watching, shows recommendations, latest show premier, etc. Let me tell you the installation process. Please continue your reading.

How to download Hulu on Windows 10?

You can install supportive devices to watch smooth-running shows on Hulu. The installation is simple and user-friendly. Let’s see!

Windows 10

Step 1: Click the Microsoft Store on your device.

Step 2: Search for Hulu.

Step 3: Install the app.

Step 4: Create an account and select the plan, make the payment.

Step 5: Now, your PC or tablet is eligible to stream Hulu shows.

If you feel it is difficult to install the app, you can visit their Help center, take their suggestion, and follow them accordingly.

Plan and Pricing

Plan and Pricing

Hulu comes with a bunch of subscription plans to give the flexibility to the viewers to enhance their watching experience. The schemes are specifically pocket-friendly.

  • Hulu : $5.99/month & $50.99/yearly subscription

  • Hulu with no ads: $11.99/month

  • Hulu + Live TV: $64.99/month

  • Hulu ( No Ads) + Live TV: $70.99/month

Here you must remember that all the no-ads plan comes with limited shows and limited features of the app, while Live TV plans come with all the premium versions of shows and app features. Anytime you can cancel your subscription plan, switch the program or stop altogether. The Help Desk is always there to extend their assisting hands.

The giant live streaming platform Hulu allows watching the content live. But you can download the shows and watch them later as per your peacetime. You can download multiple shows or a single show as per your choice and preferences.

For the download and watch later scenario, I would recommend you install the Y2mate downloader software. The technologically advanced application will provide you everything that suits your watching experience. Let’s know details about the Y2mate downloader software so that it will help you to navigate to explore more about the software.

Let’s check!

Y2mate Hulu Downloader: Download Hulu Offline in 1080p

The Y2mate Hulu downloader software provides you the HD1080p picture quality and 5.1 sounds clarity to listen to your favorite songs after Download. There are more exclusive features to give the watchers a remarkable viewing experience. You could download Hulu to MP4 with it easily.

Y2mate Hulu Downloader

The Y2mate Hulu downloader would help you in many ways. You cannot watch every live streaming show. Hence, the Y2mate downloader takes the responsibility to provide you the show you skipped. It does not employ the method of recording hulu , however, it directly download the videos offline.

Features that help you to watch your favorite Hulu shows offline!

HD quality Download with 1080p: The premium quality screening would give you the real thrill of watching action or crime thriller movies. The Y2mate downloader comes up HD with 1080p gives you a filmic feeling at home in front of your PC or tablet. See How to Stream or Download Hulu 4k Content.

Quicker Download option: The Y2mate Hulu downloader can sense that your time is worth it. Hence it will provide you 10x faster speed to download the content than any other Hulu downloader app available on the internet. The feature saves your time.

Availability of Meta info and SRT file saving option: The metadata saving option considers an excellent feature for native speakers. The feature includes gives the option to select the subtitle of your preferred language. Also, to save the meta information like the storyline, plots, caste, etc., in .srt file format for later watch. You can create your watch library based on this feature.

5.1 Audio Channel: 5.1 audio channel gives you a Dolby sound effect. While you’re sitting at your home and watching the movie, it will provide you with a theatre feeling. It enhances the overall experience of watching shows offline at home, watching the shows on a tablet or PC, and adjusting the audio as per your preferences.

Batch Download option: The batch download option would give you another time-saving feature. If you’re downloading any show with episodes or web series, the Y2mate downloader will download all the following episodes one after another. Even the feature can sense your genre and will act accordingly.

All these premium features laid the Y2mate Hulu downloader a premium application that can sense and respond accordingly. The user-friendly downloader software is acquiring popularity among movie lovers for its exclusive features.

Let's check out the steps of how you can download the shows offline by the Y2mate Hulu downloader software. Read the steps and follow them during the downloading time.

Step 1: Go to the Y2mate Downloader software and click on the Streaming service.

Y2mate Downloader

Step 2: Click the show you want to download.

Step 3: Once found, click the “Ready to Download” button to start downloading.

Step 4: Click the checkbox to select your preferred language for the subtitles and the meta info of the show you wish to save in the .srt file folder.

.srt file folder

Step 5: While downloading in the background, you can browse other shows you intend to download next.

download next

Step 6: If you select episode base show, it will download the next episodes continuously due to its batch download feature.

Step 7: You can select the Download Now option or Add Queue to download later. Add Queue will go for downloading episode-wise shows one after another and save it for later watch. You can check the downloading progress in the background and can watch other shows simultaneously.

The methods of downloading offline are easy-to-follow and straightforward. You only need active internet service, the Y2mate downloader software, and you can download anything from Hulu streaming. The offline watch also provides you with the same feeling of live streaming.

Alternatively, you could also Download Hulu shows with 9 Hulu Downloader alternatives to Y2mate.


The Y2mate downloader comes with a great price value, cheap and affordable for all levels of households, check the pricing plan. The package is worthy as it consists of high-end features that added extra value to your watching experience. If you still in doubt, you can go for the free version that comes with v1.0.0.5. Later you can switch on to the paid version by paying $9.9/monthly.

 30 days money-back guarantee also provided by the Y2mate downloader application. Furthermore, both the plans are 100% clean and safe in terms of data exchange.

Final words

Hulu is getting massive popularity among the young minds who prefer to watch real-life stories, interviews, sports, and entertainment. Hulu is airing first-rate content to maintain the standard and never compromise the quality of their streaming service. Similarly, the Y2mate downloader software also nurtures upscale features to provide the best service to the users. With the best package scheme, both Hulu and Y2mate downloader offers top-notch service from their basket. You should not miss the opportunity!