[2023 The Latest] All You Need to Know about Hulu DVR

As a crazy fan of football, we absolutely don't want to miss any FIFA World Cup. Every night featuring tasty beer and a football match is a comfort for us. But sometimes working overtime or urgent affairs may disrupt our pleasant viewing plans. Even if we can't follow the live streaming, we still want to watch it in our spare time. Is there a Hulu DVR? The answer is yes. Hulu DVR is able to record Hulu+ Live TV live streaming programs for your later viewing.

What is Hulu DVR?

To better offer cable news, broadcast, sports channels, and other live streaming resources in addition to its on-demand services for an extensive collection of movies, TV series, and shows, Hulu launched Hulu + Live TV to enhance its service.

Hulu + Live TV provides allows you to access live channels. You can watch a program in real time or decide to record it for future viewing.

The Hulu Live DVR is available for both the basic plan and the ads-free plan. You use Hulu DVR to capture the live program you're currently viewing, along with upcoming shows and the on-demand content available on Hulu.

How to Record Videos with Hulu DVR?

If you have some fascinating programs to be recorded or if you think the football competition is so exciting that you want to review it. Hulu+Live TV Cloud DVR is of great help. It is available for both basic plan users and no-ads plan users. Basic plan costs 7.99 USD/month (79.99 USD/year). No-ads plan costs 14.99 USD/month. With a subscription, you can enjoy Hulu DVR service.

For Live-Streaming Program:

  1. Choose the desired program from the program guide
  2. Navigate to the program's Details page.
  3. Tap or click the Record button.

If you want to record a whole season of TV Series, Hulu+Live TV also enables you to record a single episode,  the newly aired ones, or the whole series.

  1. When you click the Record button for a series, a panel displaying recording options will be presented.
  2. If you prefer to record solely the new episodes, opt for the New Episodes Only choice.
  3. If you wish to record both old and new episodes, pick the New & Reruns option.
  4. Lastly, click or tap on Save to conclude the process.

All of the recorded programs are stored in the My Stuff section in Hulu with categories of 'TV Shows', 'Movies', and 'Sports'.

What are the Restrictions of Hulu DVR?

Although it is fairly convenient to record Hulu live-streaming programs and on-demand videos with DVR, there are some restrictions that may undermine our viewing experience as we may make efforts to record them but we still can’t watch them in the end.

The first Hulu limit is that Hulu DVR is a cloud service, which means that all of your recordings are able to be streamed only on the Internet. Though you can take DVR on Hulu, you will still be let down if you intend to record these programs for offline watching.

The second Hulu restriction is that all of your recordings are stored on the Cloud. Only through the Hulu app or its official website can you begin the playback. But sometimes the Hulu app crashes due to various reasons such as the internet connection, your subscription, the compatibility, and the app version. So if you have no access to the internet to enter its website or app, you will not be able to watch your Hulu recordings.

The third Hulu download limit is that all of your recordings are in validation before your subscription expires though there is no specific Hulu DVR Space limit. Once you forget to renew your subscription before it is due or if you carelessly log out of your account, you can’t enjoy your recordings any longer.

Last but not least, all of your recordings automatically expire in 9 months. If you still have TV series to watch at the end of the 9th month. You may have to record it again. Once the programs are removed from the Hulu platform, you will lose a chance to record and re-watch them. Wonderful streaming productions are coming out, and the old ones may be deleted even if they are appreciated by some people. Therefore, the Hulu DVR is not a completely reliable tool to keep the movies, shows, and programs we may want to re-appreciate or share with other people someday in the future.

Is There a Better Choice — Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader

Is there a better way to overcome the time, platform, and internet limits to ensure that you can enjoy Hulu videos anytime and anywhere? Of Course, the Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader can meet your needs. With Y2mate, you can download 200 videos per day. These downloaded videos are saved on your device which means you can retrieve them whenever you want. Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader supports multiple resolution choices. You can opt for a proper one considering the internet connection and the device storage.

Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader
Download Hulu TV series, movies, shows, and programs in a fast, quality, and flexible way.
  • Multi-resolution Choice Up to 1080p.
  • Multi-language Interface 
  • High-Speed Downloads
  • 200 Downloads Per Day
  • ADs-Free Downloads
  • SRT Subtitle Support
  • Free Trial for 3 Downloads
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How to Use Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader?

Firstly, begin by setting up the Y2Mate Hulu Video Downloader on your computer. Download and install the software. Once the installation is complete, you can initiate the procedure of downloading Hulu content for offline usage.

Access Hulu website through 'VIP Services' column on the interface and sign in.

Locate the Hulu videos you want to download and play it.

Customize your download setting and click 'Download Now' or 'Add to Queue' button to begin your download.


Hulu DVR enables you to record live streaming programs for online watching, but Y2Mate enables you to download Hulu on Mac and Windows, making it possible for you to watch a variety of Hulu videos and live programs in poor or even without internet connection. Once downloaded, save forever!

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