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How to convert Hulu to MP4?

Hulu is one of the most amazing subscription services that have redefined the on-demand services and streaming content. You can make use of movies, TV shows, original shows, and live news. Besides that, you will also come across multiple content that includes sports, shows ad live news that you can enjoy to your heart's content.

Can You Download Shows On Hulu?

You can download the shows and videos from Hulu without hassles. It is quite possible to download from Hulu and watch your favorite shows and other content offline without issues of any nature. However, the download functionality is not available to every user on Hulu.

If you are a subscriber with the Hulu no-Ads plan for understanding it in a more finer way. If you are a subscriber with the $ 11.99 monthly plan, you will be able to download the content for watching offline. Do note that not all the titles are available for offline viewing or download.

Here is how you can download the content on Hulu and convert Hulu to MP4 right away –

  • Launch Hulu and go to the section Downloadable. This section lists out the titles that can be downloaded. In fact, the functionality is quite new and there are not many titles that can be downloaded.


  • Tap on the movie or show you want to download
  • Tap on the download icon on the info page of the show that you have opened. The icon should be visible in the form of a downward arrow within a circle.

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  • Your file should now begin downloading.

Once the downloads are completed, you should find them under your Downloads folder.

Do note that the download functionality is available only on the Hulu app and not on the Hulu website.

Is there any way to download the shows for a permanent use?

While the download functionality on Hulu is one of the best and easier to find, it does come with a host of issues and limitations. Moreover, you may not find many shows that are supported to download.

That is where a third-party downloader can come quite handy enough. The Y2Mate Hulu Downloader is one of the excellent choices to download hulu offline from this perspective and proves to be quite handy enough for your needs.

It lets you download Hulu movies with no ads. Free trail of this software below.

Download Hulu to MP4 Easily
No wait time to download
  • Download Hulu videos offline easily
  • Download Hulu videos in full HD 1080p
  • Select movie subtitles and languages
  • Batch download TVs, shows and movies

download Hulu movies with no ads

Some of the features that would make Y2Mate Hulu Downloader a powerful option can include

  • A high-speed download

With Y2Mate Hulu Downloader, you can be assured of an enhanced and powerful experience in terms of an enhanced experience in terms of a faster performance. The cutting-edge hardware technology will provide you access to a truly faster download option. Compared to the other ulu downloaders, you will find that Y2Mate Hulu Downloader is one of the excellent choices with a 10X download speed.

high-speed download

  • A high-quality download functionality

The Y2Mate Hulu Downloader does provide you access to a high-quality download at 1080p. The quality you get on your downloaded video remains the same as that on streaming. See more:  How to Stream or Download Hulu 4k Content

  • Output 5.1 audio channels

The software does let you download the Hulu videos in a very high-quality download at 5.1 audio tracks. The cinematic HD video and audio performance further make it all the more effective means of downloading your videos.

  •  Save subtitles and additional meta information

This should be yet another powerful feature offered by Y2Mate Hulu Downloader. You can either decide to download subtitles into the video or even choose to download them separate SRT file. You may download other additional information such as show title, genre, storyline, cast, and plot.

additional meta information

  • Batch Download movie series

The Batch download functionality is yet another great option offered by the Y2Mate downloader. The software can be used to download multiple files in one go. You could download ah

Download movie series

Y2Mate Hulu Downloader is one of the excellent options for almost all your needs in terms of how to convert Hulu to mp4. It also provides you a good option for a Hulu to mp4 online converter.          

Why Choose Y2Mate?

Y2Mate Hulu Downloader is one of the excellent services that has been designed to provide you access to an advanced functionality with respect to an improved and high degree of service quality that redefines all your needs in an outstanding downloading functionality from Hulu.

If you have any issues with the standalone software, you may also go with the Hulu to mp4 online converter for an enhanced experience ever for an enhanced and a powerful experience in terms of a great degree of performance enhancement.


How do I rip a video from Hulu?

You can download videos comfortably using the official download service as well as the third-party Hulu downloaders. Y2Mate Hulu Downloader has been regarded as one of the high-end options to rip a video from Hulu. It is a great option for your needs in Hulu converter

Can you download Hulu shows?

You can download Hulu shows on the official app of the streaming service. However, that would come with a limitation and expiry date. It would be worthwhile to use a third-party downloader such as Y2Mate Hulu downloader to ensure that you can download almost every show.

Which other services does Y2Mate Video Downloader support?

Y2Mate Video Downloader does support a wide range of DRM and non DRM sites. Some of the sites supported on the platform would include Amazon TV, HBO Max, Disney +, and a few others. You will also find it supporting the non DRM video sharing services such as Facebook and YouTube.

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