How to Download Netflix Videos to MKV? Step-by-Step Guide in 2024

Netflix is an immensely popular streaming platform that offers rich content of the latest and classic movies, TV episodes and animes all over the world. Although it offers an official download service to improve the offline viewing experience of most users, you can still find the problem of compatibility on many devices, such as Windows PC, Mac and TVs, especially when your Netflix subscription expires.

Therefore, to improve your offline viewing and break the download limits posed by Netflix, this article will cover everything you need to know about Netflix MKV and guide you through the way to download Netflix Videos to MKV with a step-by-step introduction.

What Output Format Does Netflix Download Support?

netflix to mkv

To prevent users from copying or sharing the downloaded videos easily. Netflix only supports one kind of output format for its downloads, namely the NFV format, to control access to its content and limit piracy. So what is NFV?

Think of NFV as a special container Netflix uses to store videos you download for offline viewing. This container keeps the video safe and can only be opened by the Netflix app, like a key that unlocks a specific box. That's why you can't just move these downloads to other devices and watch them with other video players.

Therefore, converting Netflix to MKV is very beneficial for these users who mainly stream on PCs, TVs, game consoles, and other devices that are not supported for downloading Netflix videos.

How to Convert Netflix to MKV when Downloading?

How to put Netflix files into MKV? As Netflix doesn't support such a format officially, you need a safe and powerful third-party tool to help you convert Netflix to MKV. Y2Mate Netflix Downloader is recommended for its powerful functions.

One-Stop Solution: Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

netflix to mkv

How to record Netflix as MKV? How do I convert Netflix to MKV? In fact, the two questions can be answered by one tool, Y2Mate Netflix Downloader. With the one-stop solution, you can download your favorite Netflix shows in high quality up to 1080P and even 4K and automatically convert them into compatible MKV/MP4 format while downloading.

Y2Mate can not only help save Netflix videos in MKV/MP4 but also download subtitle files and metadata with the videos. To ensure the best download experience, Y2Mate applies GPU Acceleration tech to increase the download speed up to 3MB/s and more (depending on your network). It means that you can download a movie for about 2 hours in only several minutes.

But that's not all. Y2Mate also offers a batch download feature to save your time and energy and remove all ads from downloaded Netflix videos, helping you to save more money on ad-free plans. If you want to try Y2Mate first, you can use the free trial to download 3 Netflix films in 30 days for free.

Y2Mate Netflix Downloader
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Step-by-Step Guide

To successfully download videos from Netflix to MKV, you only need to follow these simple 3 steps:

Step 1: Launch Y2Mate and Find Netflix

Install Y2Mate Netflix Downloader on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch it and find Netflix from "VIP Services". Click it to enter the official site using the safe built-in browser of Y2Mate.

netflix to mkv

Step 2: Login Your Netflix Account and Play the Video

Follow the instructions to log in to your own Netflix account and play the video you want to download. Then Y2Mate will analyze the URL automatically for later download.

netflix to mkv

Step 3: Set Download Options and Download Netflix to MKV

The analysis will be done in seconds. Customize the download settings in a pop-up screen like the following picture shows. These options include resolution, dubbing, subtitles, and more (depending on the original video). Click Download Now to download your faves from Netflix to MKV.

netflix to mkv

If you need to download Netflix videos as MP4 files or save the downloaded Netflix shows to SD card, Y2Mate can also help. When the downloads are done. You can find all downloaded videos in the "Downloaded" part. Click the file icon beside every video to open the local folder where the Netflix video is saved.

Other Methods to Download Netflix Videos in MKV

Except for Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, there are also many other tools to help convert Netflix to MKV. Here we will introduce 3 other downloaders: TunePat, FlixiCam, and Pazu. All 4 tools are available to both Windows PC and Mac. To compare these 4 tools more accurately in detail, the following table is offered for you to choose the best suitable tool based on your preference:

Downloaders Output Format Download Quality High-speed download Subtitle Download Batch Download
Y2Mate MP4/MKV 480P-2K 5X
TunePat MP4/MKV 720P/1080P 4X
Pazu MP4/MKV 720P/1080P 4X
FlixiCam MP4/MKV 1080P 3X


tunepat netflix downloader

Similar to Y2Mate, TunePat Netflix Video downloader is a powerful tool to download high-quality Netflix shows and films up to 1080P, and convert them into highly compatible MP4/MKV format for unlimited offline viewing.

But based on our test, the download speed of TunePat is limited to about 2.5M/s with a stable internet connection, which is a little slower compared with Y2Mate. What's more, TubePat doesn't support batch download. Therefore, it will be very troublesome to download videos from a whole TV series.


pazu netflix downloader

Pazu Netflix Video Downloader is another well-known tool for safely downloading Netflix videos as MKV format. Based on our investigation, Pazu is very similar to TunePat from the perspective of top functions and even pricing. If you only need to download Netflix movies, Pazu and TunePat are good choices as they both offer no batch download service. BTW the download speed of Pazu is also near 2.5M/s, which means it may take you tens of minutes to download a film.



FlixiCam is a safe and powerful downloader. Different from TunePat and Pazu, FlixiCam supports batch download and subtitle download at the same time. What's more, it can download Netflix videos in high quality up to 1080P. Although FlixiCam declared the 5X Download Speed, the download speed can only be increased to about 2MB/s based on our hands-on experience.


While Netflix doesn't offer direct MKV downloads, this guide explores alternative methods for saving your favorite shows and movies in MKV, a widely compatible format. Third-party downloaders like Y2Mate Netflix Downloader offer a user-friendly solution to help you download Netflix videos to MKV for unlimited offline viewing on any device. Finally, the best choice depends on your individual needs and priorities. Remember to check the terms of service for any third-party tools you consider using.

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