How do you watch Netflix at the same time? How to enjoy Netflix with family and friends

Netflix users, have you ever had trouble watching simultaneously on multiple devices or watching offline while traveling?

Whether you want to watch separate movies with your family or enjoy a foreign drama with friends, Netflix gives us that freedom. However, to take full advantage of that freedom, we need to know some limitations and caveats.

This article will detail how to watch Netflix simultaneously and what to look out for. We will also introduce you to the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, a tool that allows you to enjoy your favorite content while traveling or commuting. You'll find plenty of tips to further enhance your Netflix experience. Don't miss it!

Netflix Plans and Number of Simultaneous Viewing Units

Netflix offers three different plans: Basic, Standard, and Premium. The table below shows the price, features, and number of simultaneous viewers for each plan.


Price (tax included)

Picture Quality

Number of simultaneous viewers


990 yen


1 unit


1,490 yen


2 units


1,990 yen

4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos

4 units

The number of simultaneous viewers is tied to your account, not to your profile. In other words, the number of simultaneous viewers does not change even if you add more profiles. You can also watch simultaneously with the same profile by logging in with different devices.

How to watch Netflix simultaneously and what to keep in mind

To watch simultaneously on Netflix, simply log in to different devices with the same account. For example, you may have a computer and a smartphone, or a TV and a tablet. Simply open the Netflix app or browser from the device you logged in to, select a movie, and play it.

However, there are some limitations and caveats to simultaneous viewing. These are listed below.

  • If the number of simultaneous viewers is exceeded, you will not be able to watch from the last device you logged in from. An error message will appear and say "Too many people are using your account right now.

  • It is possible to watch the same movie or the same profile on the same account at the same time, but the picture and sound quality may be degraded and errors may occur. This is due to the load on Netflix's servers.
  • The first device logged in has the highest priority for simultaneous viewing, and the devices logged in after that have the lowest priority in turn. This means that the first device logged in can continue to watch, but the devices logged in later may be interrupted.
  • To cancel simultaneous viewing, you must either log out of the device you are logged in to or select "Sign out of all devices" from the Netflix settings. However, if you select "Sign out of all devices," you will need to log in again.

How to watch Netflix with friends and family at the same time and notes

If you want to watch Netflix with friends and family at the same time, you may want to share an account or watch simultaneously on different accounts. Let's take a look at each method and what to look out for.

Account Sharing

Account sharing means that you give your account information (email address and password) to your friends and family members to use together. This has the advantage of sharing charges.

However, there are some problems and caveats with account sharing, including the following

  • Giving out your account information is a security risk. You need to be careful about unauthorized use or leakage.

  • Depending on the number of people sharing an account, fee sharing and password management may become cumbersome.
  • If there are too many people sharing an account, the number of simultaneous viewers will be exceeded. In that case, you may not be able to watch the movies you want to watch.
  • Account sharing may violate Netflix's Terms of Service, which stipulate that accounts may only be shared by "individuals in your household. There are rumors that Netflix is developing technology to detect and limit account sharing.

Simultaneous viewing on separate accounts

Simultaneous viewing on separate accounts means that you and your friends or family members each have separate accounts and watch the same movie at the same time. This has the advantage of not having the problems and risks associated with account sharing.

However, there are some methods and precautions for simultaneous viewing with separate accounts as follows.

  • To watch simultaneously on separate accounts, you will need to use an extension or app such as Netflix Party or Teleparty. These tools allow you to sync your Netflix productions and communicate with each other via chat and reactions.

  • However, to use these tools, you must install them on your computer, smartphone, or other device. Also, some tools may require a fee or have glitches.
  • Also, even with these tools, image and sound quality may be degraded or out of sync. This is due to the speed and stability of the Internet.

How to watch offline with Netflix and the Y2Mate Netflix downloader

The official Netflix app allows you to watch offline using the download function. This has the advantage of allowing you to enjoy the service in places and at times when you do not have an Internet connection. However, the download function has a number of limitations. If you are dissatisfied with its download function, we suggest you try using a tool called Y2Mate Netflix Downloader, which allows you to download Netflix movies in high quality.

Features and benefits of Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

Below are the features and benefits of Y2Mate Netflix downloader.

  • Y2Mate Netflix Downloader can save Netflix content in a generic format called MP4. This format can be played on a wide variety of devices.
  • Y2Mate Netflix Downloader can download Netflix content up to 1080p in high quality.
  • Y2Mate Netflix Downloader allows you to choose subtitles and audio tracks to your liking and download them along with the video.
  • Y2Mate Netflix Downloader allows you to store an unlimited amount of Netflix content. This means that you can watch freely without any restrictions on expiration dates or the number of simultaneous viewings.

How to use and note the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader

The usage of "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader" is as follows.

  • First, download and install "Y2Mate Netflix Downloader". The download location is here.
  • Next, launch the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader. Once launched, login to the Netflix website. Once logged in, select the video you wish to save and play it.

  • Once the video is played, it will automatically start downloading.

  • Downloaded videos can be watched offline or transferred to other devices. To transfer to other devices, use a USB cable or Wi-Fi.

These are the instructions for using the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader.

Use of the Y2Mate Netflix Downloader must still comply with Netflix's Terms of Use. The tool may only be used for personal purposes. Commercial, distribution, or other unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


This article has explained how and what to watch simultaneously on Netflix.Netflix allows you to log in to multiple devices with the same account and watch at the same time, but there are restrictions depending on the plan and number of devices. Also, if you want to enjoy with friends or family, you may want to share an account or watch simultaneously on different accounts, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we introduced a tool called Y2Mate Netflix Downloader as a way to watch offline on Netflix. This tool is a convenient way to download Netflix movies in high quality, but you must be careful not to violate the terms of use.

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