What are the common causes and solutions for not being able to download videos from Amazon Prime? Thorough explanation of solutions about it!

There are many reasons why you may not be able to download Amazon Prime Video. It can be limited to a specific device or region, exceed the download limit, or you are trying to download on more than one device, all of which can cause download failures.

This article details how to solve the problem of not being able to download Amazon Prime Video, how to perform a simple video download on your computer, and how to use the Amazon Prime Videodownloader. This will eliminate any concerns you may have when enjoying Amazon Prime Video and ensure a smooth viewing experience.


Main reasons why Amazon Prime Video cannot be downloaded

There are multiple possible reasons why you may not be able to download Amazon Prime Video. Below are some of the more common reasons

Supported Device Issues

Because downloads are limited to registered devices, you may need to remove the video from the original device if you want to watch the movie or show on another device.

Some digital content providers set certain usage periods for downloaded content. This is primarily related to content usage rights, copyright protection, and licensing agreements.

Specifically, downloadable content such as movies, TV shows, and music are often unavailable around 30 days after purchase. However, that period may vary depending on the service, content type, or specific promotion.


Limitations on the number of Amazon Prime Video downloads

Amazon Prime Video downloads are indeed subject to certain limits, but the specific number of limits is usually 25. If you reach the limit, you can still download new videos by deleting the downloaded videos. First of all, go to the "Downloads" section on your device, select the video you do not want and delete it. This will open up space for you to download a new video. Note, however, that downloaded videos may automatically expire after a certain period of time.

Causes for not being able to

These causes may prevent you from downloading Amazon Prime videos.

Solutions for Amazon Prime Video not downloading

Common solutions to the problem of Amazon Prime Video not downloading include

Update your device and app

Make sure your device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) and app version are up-to-date. Older versions may cause problems with downloads.


Check your internet connection

Ensure a fast and stable Internet connection for smooth downloading.

Ensure storage capacity

Make sure you have sufficient storage space for downloads. Insufficient storage space on your device may cause downloads to be interrupted.


Use a professional Prime downloader

One solution to the problem of failed Amazon Prime video downloads is to use a professional Amazon Prime video downloader. Here, we introduce Y2Mate Prime Video Downloader, which can easily solve the problem of failed downloads using Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader.

Solve your download failure problem with Y2Mate Prime Video Downloader!

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Videodownloader is the best tool to download Amazon Prime Video easily.

Step 1. Download and install Y2Mate Downloader

Step 2. Launch the software and access the website

First, launch Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader by copying and pasting the Amazon Prime Video URL into the address bar to access the site directly.


Step 3. Play the video you want to download

Access the website from Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader's built-in browser and play the Amazon Prime Video video you wish to download. Note that some websites may require account registration in order to view the video.


Step 4. Set output settings and start downloading

When you play the video you want to download, Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader will automatically analyze the video and display a window where you can adjust output settings such as resolution, voice-over, subtitles, and audio. Once the settings are complete, click "Start Download" to begin downloading.


Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader Features

Let's take a closer look at Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader!

Batch download feature

Downloading multiple times for the same series with different number of episodes can be a hassle; with Y2Mate downloader's batch download feature, you can download multiple videos or entire episodes of a series in one go. Save your favorite content efficiently and easily.

Download videos in original quality.

Y2Mate Downloader allows you to download videos in 4K or Full HD (1920*1080) resolution at best. You can enjoy every detail of the video in crystal clear clarity. This feature is especially useful when viewing content on a large screen or downloading videos that are particularly detail-oriented (e.g., natural landscapes or complex animations).

Download videos with high quality sound.

The high sound quality of the audio tracks provided by Y2Mate supports a wide range of audio formats, including EAC3/AAC 5.1. AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) 5.1 is an audio codec that improves the compression ratio of audio without degrading its sound quality, file size without degrading sound quality.

EAC3 is part of Dolby Digital Plus, which provides multi-channel audio support and is designed for use in home theater systems. High-quality sound improves the detail and depth of audio, resulting in a realistic sound experience.

Diverse Format Support

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video downloader supports a variety of formats (MP4, MP3, etc.), allowing you to download video and audio in your preferred format. Usually, it is very convenient to save Amazon videos to MP4.


What do you think? In this article, we have detailed how to solve the problem of Amazon Prime Video not downloading. Follow the above steps to download your favorite Amazon Prime Video movies and anime with Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader and enjoy them anytime, anywhere! Please give it a try!

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