How to Save Amazon Prime Video to Mp4

Amazon Prime Video has a download feature, so if you download videos, you can watch them in an offline environment.

However, if you cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, you will not be able to watch the downloaded videos. But did you know there is a way to watch them forever? In fact, by converting downloaded videos to the common MP4 format, they can be watched even after cancellation.

In this article, we will explain how to convert downloaded videos on Amazon Prime Video to MP4 format and keep them forever. This will allow you to enjoy your favorite content anytime, even after you cancel your subscription. Please enjoy the rest of the article.

What format are videos downloaded by the Prime Video app?

The format of videos downloaded by the Prime Video app is generally MP4 format, which is a widely supported video format and can be played on many devices and media players.

However, some content may be downloaded in a different format than the regular MP4 format due to special encryption and protection for security reasons. These contents may be difficult to play or convert with media players or conversion tools other than the Prime Video app.

Videos downloaded with the Amazon Prime app are MP4 files, but they are encrypted. When played on other media players, you will only see a black screen. It is impossible to use video conversion software.

Can I download Amazon Prime videos to regular MP4?

So, is it possible to save Amazon Prime Video to regular MP4? Here is the tool you need: Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader is a powerful Amazon Prime Video downloader. With this software, you can easily download Amazon Prime Video videos to unencrypted MP4 files.

This downloader has an excellent ability to save Prime Video in MP4 format with high speed and high quality while retaining the subtitles and audio track of the video. It is far superior to other popular downloaders and features easy-to-use operation.

With Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader, the downloaded MP4 files can be played on various devices as well as computers. This allows you to comfortably watch your favorite content anytime, anywhere.

An additional advantage is that even if you cancel your Amazon Prime Video subscription, you retain your downloaded videos and can watch them at any time. This allows you to enjoy them over an extended period of time for added convenience.

Save to mp4 with the Y2Mate Prime Video Downloader!

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader can easily save Amazon Prime Video to mp4. From now on, we will show you how to operate it specifically. It's very easy.

Step 1. Download and install Y2Mate Downloader

Step 2. Launch the software and access the website

First, launch Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader by copying and pasting the Amazon Prime Video URL into the address bar to access the site directly.

Step 3. Play the video you want to download

Access the website from Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader's built-in browser and play the Amazon Prime Video video you wish to download. Note that some websites may require account registration in order to view the video.

Step 4. Set output settings and start downloading

When you play the video you want to download, Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader will automatically analyze the video and display a window where you can adjust output settings such as resolution, voice-over, subtitles, and audio. Once the settings are complete, click "Start Download" to begin downloading.


This article has detailed how to download and save Prime Video videos in MP4 format. Following the above steps, you can download your favorite movies and animations from Amazon Prime Video in MP4 format and copy them to other devices for offline viewing or sharing with friends and family.

Use Amazon Prime Video and Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader together to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience!

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