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Amazon Prime Video, like other video streaming services, allows you to watch movies and TV shows online and download titles for offline enjoyment.To enjoy Amazon Prime Video offline, you must have the Android, iOS, or TV device, you must install the Prime Video app on your device and download the videos in advance. In general, Amazon Prime Video offers a choice of internal storage or SD card storage locations.

However, much of the app's data is stored on internal storage. If you are running out of internal storage on your device, we recommend saving videos from Amazon Prime Video to your SD card. This article will show you how to easily download and save Amazon Prime Video to SD card.

Can I save Amazon Prime Video to SD card?

Amazon Prime Video's download feature allows you to download movies and dramas to your mobile device and watch them offline. When downloading videos to a mobile device, not only does it consume device space, but the downloaded video is limited to playback on the Prime Video app because it was set up with Amazon's proprietary encoding technology. They also cannot be transferred to other devices; to get Amazon Prime videos onto an SD card, you will need to enlist the help of a dedicated Amazon video downloader.

There are many specialized downloaders on the market, but each has its own drawbacks, making them a bit inconvenient. Here, we introduce one leading downloader. It has high quality and very fast download speed. This is Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader.

How to save to SD card with Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader is one of the video download tools. Using this software, you can download videos from various online video platforms in high quality mp4 format. It is also safe and virus-free.

We will now show you how to operate the software in concrete terms. It's very easy.

Step 1. Download and install Y2Mate Downloader

Step 2. Launch the software and access the website

First, launch Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader by copying and pasting the Amazon Prime Video URL into the address bar to access the site directly.

Step 3. Play the video you want to download

Access the website from Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader's built-in browser and play the Amazon Prime Video video you wish to download. Note that some websites may require account registration in order to view the video.

Step 4. Set output settings and start downloading

When you play the video you want to download, Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader will automatically analyze the video and display a window where you can adjust output settings such as resolution, voice-over, subtitles, and audio. Once the settings are complete, click "Start Download" to begin downloading. We hope you will try our high quality downloader!

Step 5: Save the downloaded video to your SD card

Once downloaded, Amazon videos can be moved to an external SD card for unlimited enjoyment on multiple devices. In general, insert your SD card into an SD card reader, connect it to your computer, copy your Amazon Prime Video downloads to the SD card, and you're good to go.

Advantages of Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader

Download videos in original quality

With Y2Mate, you can download a video once and watch it anytime, anywhere, regardless of your Internet status. And it allows viewing in ultra-high resolution up to 4K.

Download videos in high quality

Y2Mate not only allows you to download videos in high resolutions such as 1080p, but also provides high-quality audio tracks such as AAC 2.0 and EAC3 5.0 for a better viewing experience.

Subtitles are also perfectly preserved

Subtitles can be handled at will with Y2Mate. Subtitles can be embedded directly into movie or drama footage or saved separately as SRT files. This feature allows you to choose how to handle subtitles according to your viewing environment and preferences.


What do you think? In this article, we have detailed how to save Amazon Prime Video to SD card. Follow the above steps to save your favorite movies and animations from Amazon Prime Video and enjoy them anytime, anywhere! We hope you will try Y2Mate Amazon Prime Video Downloader.

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