How To Make A Custom Profile Picture For Netflix?

Netflix is the top streaming company in the OTT world. Netflix has become synonymous with good content, quality shows, top of the league originals. But can you think about the situation where you are sharing your Netflix with many people and facing difficulty in finding content? If that’s the case, it can be because all of the users are accessing the same profile. On Netflix, in a single account, a person can have a total of 5 profiles. You can customize these profiles to your liking, and create your avatar and profile icon without having to worry. In this article, we will discuss making your profile and customizing it, and adding a profile picture.

How To Add An Extra Profile To Your Netflix Account?

Before moving forward to making your avatar, you will be required to know to make an extra profile in your Netflix account. Here are the simple steps:

  • You have to first visit Netflix’s official website on your Windows/Mac OS PC.
  • Now, you can see there is a line of profiles right in front of you, what you can do is click on the ‘+’ icon.
  • You will be taken to a small window to add your name and fill it in. Voila! Your new profile is made.

How To Get A Custom Profile Picture Made On Netflix?

Unfortunately, Netflix does not provide any profile picture uploading assistance. That means you cannot upload your profile icon or your Avatar. But you can do it through a technique and there are many ways to get one. Here is the listing of such ways:

  • Choose a profile picture in Netflix’s listing of templates.
  • Install an extension in Google Chrome that will allow you to set a profile photo. In this technique, do remember that the picture changes will only affect you while using the browser where an extension has been installed.

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Select From The Predecided Templates Of Netflix

Netflix might not allow more choices in terms of creating your profile icon. But that does not mean Profile icons are less in options. There is a list of really great profile icons for you to choose and this ranges from amazing options of profile photos. You can choose from wild animals to favourite actors and favourite cast members.

  • After signing in to your Netflix account, there lies a ‘manage profiles’ option in the right top corner. Click it.
  • Now click on the pencil icon.
  • Then head to ‘edit profile’.
  • Now select your desired photo as a profile picture from the list of photos available.

Download The Google Chrome Extension

Netflix does not allow customization or freedom in selecting a profile photo. You can only choose from the list of available photos within Netflix’s system which itself is great. But, you can choose your profile photo on Netflix when you use it primarily as your go-to streamer watching it on your laptop. That’s a great idea, and I will walk you through the steps:

  • Navigate to extensions on your Google Chrome browser. You can access the ‘extension’ menu from the settings window that comes with an option listing itself.
  • Now type in ‘Custom profile picture for Netflix’ in the Netflix search bar.
  • As soon as you click the app, you will have an interface like this.

  • Now add the extension to your browser by simply clicking ‘Add to Chrome’. The extension files will download themselves and a confirmation page will run on the default browser. And in Chrome, you will be able to access your extension.
  • Click on the extension. You will see an interface window similar to this image.

  • Now do remember at first that there are two options that you need to fill in, one is profile, you need to select the profile from the list of profiles in your account and then the image.
  • You can upload an image by clicking on the ‘select image’ option in the image bar.
  • From the listings of the profile bar, select your profile.
  • Once done you will see two boxes on your screen just below the profile selection and image selection bar. You will see one box is filled with the image you selected and the other has a set of alignments that you can apply. Choose your favourite form of alignment and done. You have made your new avatar on Netflix.

How To Change Your Netflix Profile Picture On Android/iOS

As stated, the process is very easy. Simply said, you cannot access your customized profile photo on your Android and iOS just like you did in your Google Chrome. But this does not mean that you cannot change the current photo pre-decided on your interface. Remember, I mentioned changing Netflix’s profile icon through ‘Manage Profiles’. Yes, the manage profiles feature will ensure that you have some autonomy over your Netflix profile image. It has character photos of all the highly valued digital shows on Netflix.

Can You Download Netflix Movies on PC?

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Can I Put My Picture On My Netflix Profile?

No, you cannot if your picture means installing a photo from one of your local drives. You can put up a picture from the predecided image templates of Netflix. If you like Netflix for its amazing shows you will like the photos as they have a lot of character photo options to choose from. That makes it less saddening. To put up one of your own edited local drive pictures you can download the ‘custom profile picture for Netflix’ app.

Did Netflix Remove Some Profile Pictures?

Many fans started weeping in tragedy as Netflix after removing Marvel’s Defenders had to take down all the profile photo options available.

Can I Add 6 Profiles To Netflix?

Sorry, you cannot. However, your number is close. You can add up to 5 profiles to your Netflix account. And each profile has a maturity level and restrictions, especially the Children's account.

How Many People Can Watch Netflix At Once?

Netflix provides you with an option to stream content for more than one person at a time. Anywhere between 1-4, people can stream Netflix content at the same time. Netflix has 5 profiles so each individual can take up their profiles as per their feasibility and liking.


Netflix has been part and parcel of any GenZ and Millenial life. With the coming of streamers and high-speed internet, these tracks kind of overlap. It has made cable connections redundant hence, a very strong dependency lies on content from these amazing Streaming spaces. With the expansion of OTT comes the reign of Netflix, It was the first one to break the charts and had offbeat quality content to offer that often fell prey to censorship. User customization processes had to be done for audience retention. Hence, Netflix now had to make greater changes in profile picture change.

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