How to Record on Hulu? Best Hulu Recorder

Hulu is a subscription-based streaming platform of tv shows, sports, movies, news channels, and many more. The subscription system design enables the feature of watching with commercials and non-commercials options. The giant streaming platform, basically for USA viewers getting the name worldwide with 39 million subscribers.

With the increasing popularity, Hulu airing quality content for its viewers. Hulu is not renowned for the entertainment package, besides the platform also gets notice from the young generation for showing knowledgeable content on science-fiction, real-life stories, inspirational and motivational shows, interviews with eminent personalities that catch-up the attention of the young minds.

How to record on Hulu? Do you need a Hulu recorder? You would know the answer to it in this article.


Can you Record on Hulu?

Yes, you can record your favorite show on Hulu. The application is designed for user-friendly and provides all the features to give you the best viewing enjoyment. Watching the live show and recording it at the same time is another level of thrill. It is a unique feature with remarkable content that makes Hulu an amateur streaming platform.

How to Record Shows on Hulu?

The popular live streaming application Hulu enriches with technically advanced features that enable recording your favorite show for later watch. Check out the procedure.

Cloud DVR is considered the best option to record your favorite show. Save it in the cloud server that you can watch later. Cloud DVR never downloads the show or movie or music video but records it and saves it in their cloud storage. The Cloud DVR comes in a free-to-use format. You need to follow a few steps to record your favorite tv show to watch further with your family at your peacetime.

The following steps should trail during recording.

during recording

Step 1: Open the Hulu for live TV app on mobile, iPad, desktop, or you can open the Apple tv app.

Step 2: Select your favorite show, which is on live airing at that moment.

Step 3: Now visit the description box of the TV show or the movie

Step 4: Hit the click button on the My Stuff or My Episode option. Your favorite show will start recording for your later watch.

Episode option

Recording the shows you don't want to skip and save for later viewing is considered an incredible feature. Hulu airing awe-inspiring content related to recent politics, socio-economic scenarios, and great talk shows viewers prefer to record for later watch. The extensive recorded version shows similar quality in the audio-visual aspect of the original one.

How to Record Live TV on Hulu?

To record live TV on Hulu as simple as you're watching the show. The best feature in the Hulu application consists of you can record live on any devices like android, apple, mac, iPad for later watch. There is a similar method in various devices for recording live of your favorite show on Hulu. However, people watch the show live and record the show simultaneously.

TV on Hulu

Let me show you the steps so that you can do the record while watching.

Step 1: Click the open button of the Hulu app in iOS for the live tv( you can open the app on other devices too)

Step 2: Check the live TV show options and select the show you want to record for a further watch

Step 3: Once you select the show, you will find a description box you need to click it

Step 4: Click on the My Stuff or My Episode button to add the show you want to record

Step 5: Now you can watch whatever you want to watch live on Hulu as in the background your favorite show start recording spontaneously

Watching your favorite show on Hulu is an excellent experience in terms of content and the commercial and non-commercial formula. Slowly gaining popularity, it assumes that within the next couple of years, Hulu will gain 50+ million subscribers approximately. You could learn more about how to record Hulu on iPhone or iPad.

How to Download Hulu Offline?

Hulu shows getting accessible online and offline, both modes at a time. You can download your favorite show on Hulu only through the downloading application. The downloaded content then you can save for later watch. Even you can share the content with your close one.

Not all downloading applications can come up with excellent download quality features available in the market. If you're looking for an exclusive downloading experience, you should grab the Y2mate Hulu downloader. Compiled with all the advanced technological integration, the Y2mate Hulu downloader will provide you the best watching experience.

Y2mate Hulu downloader

Let's check out the advanced features for which Y2mate Hulu downloader will provide you the best viewing experience ever.

The following features will give you an idea about the software and how it works on various devices.

High-resolution HD 1080p quality download option: The high-resolution picture quality with 1080p gives you a breathtaking watching experience with the best picture quality.

Fast download option available: Time is precious, and you cannot afford to waste your time downloading. Hence Y2Mate Hulu downloader design with innovative engineering to give you a high-speed downloading experience. 

Availability of Metadata and SRT saving option: It is one of the prime features of Y2mate Hulu downloader software. It can save the metadata of the content you're going to download and the subtitles in the .srt file format. The show's metadata includes genre, cast, plot, and storyline, giving you a brief idea of the show, and you can build up your watch library.

5.1 quality audio: 5.1 stereo sound quality gives you a home theater feeling while you watch sitting in the cozy corner of your home. With high-resolution picture quality and the AAC sound quality gives you a complete entertainment environment at home.

Offline downloading Hulu, Y2mate provides the best method. Also, you could check out other great alternatives to Y2mate Hulu downloader: Download Hulu shows with 9 Hulu Downloader.

After verifying the features, you know that Y2mate is worthy software with advanced features. Now we will see how Y2mate Hulu downloader works offline and gives you a similar live streaming experience.

Before going through downloading, you need to install the Y2mate Hulu downloader software on your preferred devices. You can check out the functions once the installation is done.

Let's find out the steps for the offline downloading experience!

Step 1: Download the Y2mate downloader software and find out the Streaming service on the left side of the pane.


Step 2: Select Hulu from the other supported streaming services.

Step 3: Check out the show you want to download and hit the start button, and the show will start playing.

download and hit the start button

Step 4: While playing, the Download button will be visible at the window's top-left corner. Click the button and select the download option.

Download button

Step 5: If you wish to save the meta info of your favorite show, click the checkbox beside the subtitle option. Download Now or Add Queue box will appear and, click on anyone to save or download in your local storage.

The application is designed in a way that you can check the download process by clicking the Download tab. Another great feature inculcated in the Y2mate downloader is you can download or save your favorite shows at a time by adding them to the Queue, and the application will start downloading one after another. It will take little time and less effort.


The Y2mate Hulu downloader software offers you both models, free and paid.  While paid model range is $9.9 monthly basis with unlimited features access. Both the modes are 100% safe and clean. 30 days money-back guarantee serves the true purpose of the trial. Checkout more at the pricing plan.

Final Thoughts

The world of entertainment has overgrown to entertain the viewers in every possible way. Hulu comes up with the complete package of family entertainment that serves the watchers with the varieties of their preferences. You can watch the shows live streaming or download the shows with Y2mate Hulu downloader for later watch.