How to Fix Paramount Plus Downloads Not Working

Known for its huge catalog of content, Paramount Plus includes thousands of movies and episodes from major studios such as Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and MGM. It provides customers with a large library of beloved oldies, blockbuster successes, and critically acclaimed games like Teen Wolf and Rabbit Hole.

When you are happy about new episodes that have recently been released on Paramount+, and decide to download some of them for leisure during your tiring commute, downloading errors keep popping up on your phone screen. Why are Paramount Plus downloads not working? How to download Paramount Plus movies offline? So you end up saving nothing for your offline watching. Actually, you are not alone. Many people have encountered Paramount+ download problems. If you are still searching for causes and solutions, come and read this article.

Paramount Plus Downloads Not Working—Causes


Paramount Plus has launched two types of subscriptions. If you are an Essential Plan subscriber, the download is not available for you. If you are a Premium subscriber, you are able to do so.

System Support

Paramount Plus supports streaming videos on iOS 13 and above. For Android users, it is Android 5.0 Lollipop (API 21) and above. The incompatible systems may lead to download glitches.


Support Version

Google Chrome

Windows 8+, Mac OS X 10.9

Latest Version: v68+ on Windows XP/Vista

Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8


Windows 8+, Mac OS X 10.9+

Latest Version: v48 on Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.8


Mac OS X 10.10+

Minimum support: v9

Microsoft Edge

Minimum support - v14 on Windows 10+

Paramount Plus Version

Updating apps is important for fixing previous problems with a better version. It is the prerequisite for the app’s smooth running. If you forget to upgrade the Paramount Plus app, download errors may occur.

Paramount+ Time and Number Limit

Time constraints may be causing the inability to download content on Paramount Plus. When you download a video, you have 30 days to watch it before it is immediately deleted. Furthermore, once you start streaming a video, it only stays in the download library for 48 hours. It is only possible to download up to 25 videos at a time, and attempting to download a 26th video will result in a warning that you have reached the download limit. You must delete one or more videos before you can download fresh content.

Another thing we should know is that not all Paramount Plus content is available for downloading. Internet connectivity also impacts the downloading function. Also, some content is not supported for streaming in some regions. You should change your IP to gain access.

Paramount Plus Downloads Not Working—Tips

  • Check your subscription to ensure download validation.
  • Use a compatible device system.
  • Delete videos for new episodes.
  • Re-download expired episodes for re-watching.
  • Update Paramount+ app. (If there is an upgrade)
  • Check your internet connection. (Use or change a VPN if necessary)

Avoid Problems of Paramount Plus Downloads Not Working——Use Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader

Even if we know how to fix Paramount+ not working, we may still encounter difficulty in implementation. If you don’t have a compatible phone system for Paramount Plus, should you buy a new phone for offline watching during your commute? That sounds really disappointing. Why should we let entertainment turn into an extra burden? Is there any way to break these barriers for a smooth offline viewing? Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader is there for you.

Why is Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader?

Paramount Plus

Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader

Maximum Downloads: 25

Validation Time: 30 days/48h

100 downloads per day

Life-long saving

Access all downloads only through the Paramount Plus app

         Mp4 format, no app limit  

Ads for the Essential Plan

Ads removal for all Paramount Plus subscribers

o timed downloads

Timed  batch downloads

How to Download Paramount Plus Videos with Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader?

  • To get started, open the Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader software and choose Paramount Plus from the provided menu.
  • Next, log in to your Paramount Plus account through the official website. Be assured that Y2Mate follows a secure process and does not store or reveal your account information.
  • Find and start playing the Paramount Plus video you want to download. Y2Mate will analyze the video and display a new window on your screen.
  • Adjust your preferred settings and then click the "Download Now" button.

You are able to download Paramount Plus to MP4 so as to watch movies, episodes and shows on different players. Additionally, you can play the video while it is being downloaded.

Concluding Thoughts

Recently there have been increasing complaints about issues with Paramount Plus downloading. Some users face difficulties in downloading content, while others encounter problems when playing downloaded content. However, there's a solution called Y2Mate Paramount Plus Downloader that can overcome these limitations. This downloader allows you to bypass time restrictions and swiftly download Full HD content. It also removes ads and ensures the content is in the appropriate format for seamless streaming on your preferred devices.

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