How to Download Videos from Shahid? Use the Best Shahid VIP Download Tool!

Seeking quality Arabic content for your leisure time? Consider Shahid VIP, a premier streaming service offering a wide variety of Arabic movies, TV series, documentaries, and interviews, including classic content. Widely respected, Shahid, from MBC Group, serves viewers throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and North America.

Joining the Shahid VIP subscription plan will allow you to watch exclusive Shahid VIP movies, series, documentaries. And in this article, we will dive into Shahid VIP and how to download video from Shahid.

What is Shahid VIP?

Shahid VIP is one of the leading Arabic streaming entertainment services that covers a massive content library from the Arabic film and entertainment industry.

Shahid VIP

What can you get in Shahid?

  1. Extensive Arabic content - you can enjoy a wide selection of Egyptian, Turkish, and Gulf films and series.
  2. Bollywood and Hollywood on Shahid - you can catch up on Bollywood gems and a well-curated selection of Hollywood content.
  3. Shahid Originals - you can experience compelling storytelling with popular shows such as ‘Every Week Has a Friday,’ ‘The Fate Hotel,’ and ‘Hellsgate.’

The brand is well aware of how to hook the audience and feed their psychological watching habit. In addition, Shahid VIP is partnered with Disney and Fox from Hollywood. Marvel family, and Star Wars have been broadcasting on Shahid VIP with Arabic subtitles

Can I Download Videos from Shahid VIP?

Once you subscribe to the Shahid VIP app, you gain the advantage of downloading videos for offline access. However, there are key aspects to understand about the offline feature of Shahid VIP.

Firstly, content downloaded from Shahid VIP is not permanent – it expires after a while. Secondly, the download capability is confined to smartphones and tablets. This limitation means you cannot download Shahid VIP videos directly to your PC. Thirdly, viewing the downloaded videos is exclusive to the Shahid VIP app.

As wonderful as the Shahid VIP download functionality is, potential download limitations could hamper your offline viewing experience.

A viable solution to overcome these limitations is the innovative Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader, tailored for Shahid VIP Download for PC. This highly efficient platform allows you to permanently download Shahid VIP movies in high-quality 1080p resolution. The downloaded videos, formatted as MP4, can be kept indefinitely.

Shahid Downloader for Mac and Windows
Your best mate to download from Shahid without restrictions.
  • Download Shahid VIP movies and shows in MP4/MKV
  • Batch download Shahid VIP videos at 10X fast speed
  • Choose 720p/1080p video quality as you like
  • Delete ads from Shahid VIP
  • Save meta information and subtitles from Shahid
  • Free trial for 30 Days
See Pricing

Why Should You Choose Y2Mate Shahid Downloader?

Y2Mate excels as a Shahid video downloader, thanks to its speedy and reliable downloads. Unlike many Shahid VIP downloaders, Y2Mate offers a lifetime plan, making it a worthwhile long-term investment. For a clearer comparison, refer to the chart below. If you're unfamiliar with Y2Mate, consider trying its free trial before making a final decision.

  Other Downloaders/ Screen Recorders Y2Mate Shahid Downloader
Safety Level Low High
Success Rate 67% to 70% 89% to 93%
Download Speed 1X to 5X 10X
Batch and Auto Download ×
Shahid VIP 1080p Download ×
Delete Ads ×
Save Subtitles as SRT ×
Free Trial and Updates ×
Lifetime Plan ×


How to Use Y2Mate for Shahid VIP Download?

It's not a complicated job to use Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader to download Shahid videos. First of all, you click on the "free trial" button below to download Y2Mate software to your computer.

Check out the steps on how you can download episodes from Shahid using the Y2Mate Shahid VIP downloader.

Step 1: Open the Y2Mate Shahid VIP downloader

After the installation, open the interface of the Y2Mate and click on the Shahid VIP in the VIP services.

Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader

From the picture, you can see that Y2Mate also supports downloading videos from Netflix and other streaming media, but you have to subscribe to Y2Mate DRM Downloader (All-in-one) to have access to all VIP services, Live Streaming and Adult Services. 

Step 2: Play a Shahid Video 

After the official site of Shahid shows, login to your Shahid VIP account using your user ID details. Then, you can search for and browse the Shahid title you want to watch offline and play it.

Shahid Login

Step 3: Select the Subtitle and Output Format

Once you play the Shahid VIP video, Y2Mate will detect the video information automatically and show you a settings window. Here, you can choose the download video quality, subtitle format and how many videos you want to download from a series. 

Step 4: Download Episodes on Shahid 

Shahid VIP Download: Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader

Click on the download now button and the chosen videos will be downloaded at the turbo speed. After downloads, you can find all the downloaded videos in "Downloaded" part.


Is Shahid VIP Available in USA?

Yes. Shahid VIP works in USA and Shahid provides English language on its official site. Currently, Shahid VIP is available worldwide. You can easily set up a Shahid VIP account and start your streaming.

How Much Does Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader Cost?

Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader is a shareware. It provides free trial and 3 subscription plans. And here is a brief prices introduction to Y2Mate's Shahid Downloader and all-in-one DRM downloader. You can choose the one suits your needs best.

  Y2Mate Shahid Downloader Y2Mate DRM Downloader
Supported Platform Only Shahid VIP 1000+, including Shahid VIP, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+
Monthly Plan $23.90 $69.90
Annual Plan $59.90 $169.90
Lifetime Plan $129.90 $299.9 for 1 PC; $399.9 for 3PC
7-day Money-back Guarantee Yes Yes


Is This Shahid VIP Downloader Safe and Legal?

Yes, Y2Mate Shahid VIP Downloader is a legal tool as it maintains and follow all the norms and rules of the download policy. And it is only for personal use. Y2Mate will never shares any personal data nor steals any data and exchanges it with a third party.


MBC Shahid is a reputed name in live streaming platforms in the Middle-East, North African, and North American region and broadcasts worthy titles for offline watch. And Y2Mate Shahid VIP is a versatile tool that provides you all the Shahid VIP titles offline.


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