How to Download HIDIVE Videos? (2023 Latest)

Anime is currently one of the most popularly watched TV genres, and many people love it.If you recently watched a single anime show but are now eager to watch more. You’d want to find a streaming service that offers the best anime shows to watch, right? Well, we got you covered here.

HIDIVE Anime is one of the best streaming services you can find that hosts animes worth watching and is extremely easy to use. Want to know whether is HIDIVE worth it or not? Hop on below to find out.

What is HIDIVE?


AMC Networks owns HIDIVE Anime, a new anime streaming service in town. The streaming platform is a holy grail for all anime lovers as it contains one of the best catalogs of the most recently released iconic anime and live-action treasures from the present and the past.

The service is newly built and has ensured to keep in mind the needs of all anime fans worldwide. Hence, you can find some of the best shows on HIDIVE app and benefit from this exceptional streaming service from anywhere in the world.

Apart from this, if you want to know how to download Mubi videos or is Crunchyroll safe? We’ve got that linked for you too.

Popular HIDIVE Anime 2023

If you’re a newly converted anime watcher or someone who has found a new interest in watching anime, then we are sure you’d want to know some popular shows you can find on HIDIVE anime in 2023. Well, lucky for you, we got a list below:

Insomniacs After School

Insomniacs After School

While not everyone likes romance in their anime shows, there is no denying that a bit of love and warmth makes any show worth watching. Insomniacs After School is among the most sought-after spring 2023 anime. This HIDIVE anime is handled by Lidenfilms. While we understand that the company might have brought a few underwhelming releases in the past, it is also responsible for some of the most popular hits. So, if a little bit of romance and a show worth watching is your forte make sure to tune into HIDIVE anime and binge-watch this masterpiece.

The Dangers in My Heart

This HIDIVE anime show might look like any other anime at first glance, with a tinge of romance. However, only those who watch it will understand why not only is it one of the best shows ever to hit the anime universe but realize what sets it apart from other shows too.

The Dangers in My Heart showcases a protagonist who fantasizes about hurting others. However, his patterns change for the better once he becomes friends with the most popular girl at school. In this HIDIVE anime, the male protagonist will not start as likable, but with each episode, viewers will relate to him and fall in love even more.

Parasyte: The Maxim

If you are an anime lover and haven’t watched this anime on HIDIVE, you are missing out. Parasyte: The Maxim is a combination of sci-fi and horror which showcases a teenager whose hand gets infected by an alien parasite.

However, what that parasite fails to do is take over the young boy’s mind, leaving the two to do nothing but co-exist together. The relationship, while unsettling, changes both parties in different ways. So, if you want to watch something different and unique, log in to HIDIVE Anime and certainly tap on this masterpiece.

Beyond the Boundary

Beyound the Boundary

On the outside, Beyond the Boundary, too many users will look like any usual fantasy action anime about a girl with a sword out to fight evil spirits. However, only watching it would give an accurate picture of how exceptionally amazing this anime is.

The anime is character driven and is everything from beautifully bittersweet to deeply tragic and refreshingly nuanced. Hence, if there is another excellent pick you should watch among the many available anime, it is this one.


With a better understanding of this streaming service and all the shows it offers, we are sure the following question in your mind will be, ‘Is HIDIVE free?’

To break it to you, the streaming service is not free. The service offers its curated and growing catalog of anime for $4.99/month or $47.99/year.

However, before paying this HIDIVE price, the service also understands that users would want the satisfaction of putting their money in the right place. Hence, HIDIVE Anime offers all its first-time subscribers a seven-day free trial with the additional benefits of ad-free content and English subtitles.


Another concern people have before subscribing to any service is its safety. We are sure that before subscribing to HIDIVE, you must think about whether is HIDIVE safe.

HIDIVE is an authentic streaming service, and you can watch any anime on the platform safely. 

How to Download HIDIVE Videos?

Many people enjoy watching content offline, without constant lags and internet issues. If you want to enjoy your anime in peace, we suggest using the Y2Mate DRM Downloader.

The Y2Mate DRM Downloader helps users download content off HIDIVE or any streaming service they choose. Every content they download will be top-notch quality, and the audio and videos will be impeccable.

Not only this, but the downloads you will make will be super fast and will not take hours to complete. While all this sounds amazing, we haven’t reached the best part here.

Y2Mate allows users to simultaneously download all the content they want to watch in bulk. Hence, you will not have to wait for one episode to finish downloading before moving on to the next one. All this also comes with the additional benefit of a no-ad policy and the inclusion of subtitles in the language of your choice.

Download HIDIVE videos with Y2Mate easily with the links below.


Anime watchers love HIDIVE because of all the fantastic anime shows and their ease of operation. While the service is excellent, if you want to ease it up more and watch downloaded content off it, use Y2Mate DRM downloader for your benefit.


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