Why Can't I Screen Record Disney Plus?--Solution (100% Work)

Disney Plus is currently one of the greatest streaming applications for binge-watching. What will you do if you are unable to watch it for any reason owing to low internet connections? You may consider recording the content in advance for offline watching next time. However, the screen always goes black when you try to record videos. It is the same situation as any recorder. You may wonder "Why can't I screen record Disney Plus?" To know the answer and the most effective way to watch Disney Plus offline, why not stay for a few minutes to read this article? 

Why Can’t I Screen Record Disney Plus?

The reason why you are unable to screen record Disney Plus is due to DRM, which is a technology implemented to protect the content on the platform. DRM prevents unauthorized usage of digital content. When attempting to record Disney Plus content on devices such as Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android, the screen becomes entirely black. This occurs independent of browser. So, if you want to save Disney Plus series and movies for offline viewing, downloading Disney Plus films to your PC or mobile device is a practical option.

How to Watch Disney Plus Videos Offline?

Disney+ Premium, Disney Bundle Trio Premium, and Legacy Disney Bundle users can download content from Disney+. Launch the Disney+ app, choose the content you wish to download, and then hit the Download button on the Details screen. By tapping the download progress icon, you may view the download progress and halt or cancel the partial download. When the download is finished, a device icon with a check mark appears.


But even Disney plan subscribers sometimes still encounter issues like you can’t download movies on Disney Plus. It is caused by various factors. The first is region restriction, which means you may have no access to some videos that are not available in your region. The download function belongs to mobile devices.

If you want to use your laptop for a larger-screen offline watching, Disney+ will let you down. Only mobile devices have the ability to download. If you find your downloaded videos suddenly disappear one day from your download list. This is because some content may have a time duration for valid watching. Usually, your downloads are kept for 30 days, and for the videos you have started watching, you have 48 hours to finish it.

Furthermore, if you wish to use Disney Plus on several devices, keep in mind that you can download material on up to 10 approved mobile devices with sufficient storage capacity. Out of DRM protection, all of your downloads can only be streamed on the Disney Plus app with a normal account. If you log out of your account accidentally, your downloads may disappear. So do check your account when you are about to download movies, shows, and TV series from Disney Plus.

Use Y2Mate Disney+ Downloader to Solve the “Why can’t I screen record Disney Plus?”

Don’t worry! Just as the saying goes “Where there is a will, there is a way.” If you want to avoid the inconvenience of “Why can’t I screen record Disney Plus” and its download restrictions, a handy third-party video downloader like Y2Mate can help you out. You may have read some top Disney plus downloader reviews. Why is Y2Mate Disney Plus Downloader? Here are the reasons to make it your go-to choice:

Quality Resolution and Audio Track

Y2Mate empowers you to obtain Disney Plus material in HD resolution with AAC 2.0 and EC3 5.1 audio, ensuring an outstanding visual and auditory experience. Harnessing Hardware Acceleration, relish swift download speeds that reduce your waiting time.

Ad Removal

Y2Mate automatically eliminates ads from Disney Plus content. Enjoy your seamless watching journey free from bothersome ads!

Bulk Downloads

Y2Mate supports downloading complete episodes in large quantities with a timed setting. You can download 100 videos per day.

Automatic Download for new episodes

If you are watching a hit teleplay, Y2Mate can save newly aired episodes automatically for your seamless binge-watch.

Metadata Storage

Y2Mate saves metadata for systematic video management. Subtitles can also be saved independently or integrated into the video.

Global Assistance

Y2Mate supports Disney Plus content in different regions. With this video downloader, you will overcome the regional restrictions to download the videos you want to watch.

Downloading Disney Plus Videos with Y2Mate in Three Easy Steps

After installing Y2Mate, launch it on your PC. To reach the official website, locate the VIP column on the interface and click the Disney Plus symbol.

Identify the video you want to download and play it.

Adjust the visual, audio, subtitle, and time settings for your convenience. You can choose to batch-download multiple episodes. Then choose ‘Add to Queue’ or ‘Download Now’ to start the downloading process.


I can’t download videos from Disney Plus. How to fix it?

Several issues including the storage capacity, internet, and the app version may lead to the download failure. To resolve the issue, you can check the amount of storage space left on your device. Close the Disney+ app and open it again. Turn your smartphone off and on again. If your Disney+ app needs an upgrade, just install the newest version of the Disney+ app and re-download the movie or episode.

My Disney Plus Videos are not playing in the language I want. What should I do?

The available audio and subtitle languages vary based on the country, region, and title. If you can't find the language you prefer by adjusting settings, you can change the language of the app itself. Access your Profile, select the desired profile for editing, choose the desired language from the App Language menu, and click Done. Usually, the settings you used last will be applied to the next show or movie, but you might need to repeat the steps and reselect your preferences.

Do I have to pay for Disney Plus Renewals if I use Y2Mate?

Y2Mate provides Disney+ Streaming resources with automatic renewal at no additional cost. As a new user, you can try it out with a free trial offering three downloads to experience the quality features provided by Y2Mate. Come and give it a try!

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