How to download and watch TV Tokyo content offline.

Have you ever thought, "I want to download the programs I missed on TV Tokyo/BS Teletext!" Have you ever thought, "I want to download the programs I missed on TV Tokyo and BS Teletext!

This article is for you.

  • What devices can I use the download function?
  • How can I download TV Tokyo/BS Teletext contents?
  • What should I pay attention to when using the download function?
  • How can I download TV TOKYO/BS Teletext videos on my PC?

The following is a summary and detailed explanation of these points.

Let's start by recommending the Y2Mate DR M Downloader!

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Not only TV Tokyo/BS Teletext, but as an all-in-one tool, Y2Mate supports 200+ video playback sites including Netflix, U-NEXT, ABEMA, and more.

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Attention】There are 3 points to note about TV Tokyo/BS Teletext download function.

(1) You cannot download TV TOKYO/BS Teletext works on your PC.

Downloading is possible only when using the TV Tokyo BIZ (TV Tokyo Business on Demand) application.

(2) There is a time limit for viewing downloaded TV TOKYO/BS Teletext programs.

You can watch a program for one week after downloading.

Programs that have been downloaded once and the viewing period has expired can be re-downloaded. However, you cannot re-download programs whose distribution has been suspended.

(3) Free space on smartphones and tablets is limited.

When using the download function, you can select the picture quality. The lower the quality, the faster you can download with less space.

You can select the image quality by going to "Download Settings" under "Others" and turning off "Listen to the image quality setting every time".

The amount of data traffic and storage required for downloading approximately one hour of content varies depending on the picture quality.
Data traffic

  • High quality: approx. 1.08 GB
  • Medium quality: approx. 0.47 GB
  • Low quality: approx. 0.24 GB

Data storage capacity

  • High image quality: approx. 1.05GB
  • Medium image quality: approx. 0.46 GB
  • Low picture quality: approx. 0.23GB

Smartphone/Tablet] How to use the download function of TV TOKYO and BS Teletext

Downloading is available when using the Teletext BIZ (TV Tokyo Business on Demand) application.
Downloaded contents can be viewed from Downloads on My Page.

You can also set your browser to allow downloading only when you are using WiFi.

PC] Downloading TV Tokyo and BS Teletext titles with the Y2Mate DRM downloader [Download by URL

Y2Mate has a function to download TV Tokyo/BS Teletext works directly by URL!

Step 1: Download and install Y2Mate downloader

  1. Go to the official Y2Mate website.
  2. Click the "Free Download" button to download and install Y2Mate.
  3. You can set your language preferences.

Step 2: Customize download settings

1. go to "Home" and click "Paste URL". 2.

Paste the URL of the video you wish to download into the URL field. 3.

Set the format (audio or video) and quality you wish to download. 4.

Click "Download.

How to download videos from other sites!

This article introduces saving videos from TV Tokyo and BS Teletext, but there are many people who want to save videos from other sites as well.

Please read this article and try Y2Mate Downloader.